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3000 Illustrations • 1660 original screenprints • 700 artists • 530 art posters
Anecdotes, portraits of the artists, rich and complex relationships.

The Chameleon of art screen-printing

55 years of Art Screen-Printing

Michel Caza delivers what art screen-printing has been to him in all its splendor and into its darkest corners.

It's an Art Book, a collection object, the discoveries of an inventor, an engineer, a technician, a screen-printer, an art screen-printer, THE contemporary Art screen-printer of the last 50 years... the memories of Michel Caza : the Chameleon.

• 3000 Illustrations

• 1660 original screenprints

• 530 Art posters

• 170 artists catalogs, books...

• 500 images & 250 photographs

The Chameleon of Contemporary Art

• The book has a size of 24x32x5 cm and weight 4,5 kg
• Publisher : Michel Caza (ARTEDITION-TERASCREEN) INFOS : +33 (6) 78278221‌

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Michel Caza - The Chameleon of Art Screen-printing

In his entire life dedicated to screen-printing, since he was 19 years old, Michel Caza never stopped searching, inventing, adapting in the secrecy of his workshops to solve problems and meet the very unique and legitimate demands of every single artist.

The artistic requirement leads to everything. Therefore, it leads to other types of screen-printing works in the fiels of reproducion itself or book printing, for prestigious publishers, advertisers. They have been treated with the same level of requirement and excitation. And that's how the anthology shows us the progression of society in the past years, and how communication evolving.

Through his passion and his research, Michel Caza pushed forward a very old process of silk stretched on wooden frames to an extremely sophisticated state-of-the-art industrial technology. He prompted machines, tools inks and substrate manufacturers to constantly develop new applications. His worldwide influence helped perpetuate screen-printing in the most specialized areas of Industry.

Michel Caza is know worldwide as the master of ultra-fine screenprints. His teaching, generously provided largely, affects generations of professional screen-printers in graphic workshops, electronics, textile, large format digital painting, etc.

As one of the founding fathers, in 1962, of FESPA (World Federation of Screen and Digital Printing Associations), he also a member, since 1982, of the International Academy of Screen and Digital Printing of US obedience, a proof that his impact goes all the way across the Atlantic. He received more than 350 awards for his printed works and in 2010, the highest one : le Howard Parmele Award.

A journey through contemporay art

Michel Caza, give us a true anthology of contemporary art of the last 55 years. He revisits his collaborations with more than 700 artists, some very famous :

Andy Warhol / Taro Okamoto / Roberto Matta / Freidensreich Hundertwasser / Salvador Dali / Leonor Fini / Dan Reisinger / Pierre Soulages / Victor Vasarely / Yaacov Agam...


I finally decided to start presenting and selling part of my personal collection of original prints, Art posters and posters, all screen printed of course, I made between 1960 and 2015, during my 55 years of Master Art Screen printer described in "Michel Caza, the Chameleon of Contemporary Art". You will find them on the website.

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